Fuel consumption and carbon emission monitoring system for ships

  • Onboard monitoring and reporting of fuel consumption and key emission data
  • Interfaced with user friendly cloud solution
  • MRV compliant and verified acc. to EU regulation 2015/757
  • Bunkering verification: monitoring and reporting of bunker quantities in loading lines



EcoMATE™ is a fuel consumption and bunkering monitoring system for ships. In combination with the high-performance OPTIMASS mass flowmeters it is the ideal solution for monitoring and reporting of fuel consumption measured in the supply and return lines to main engine and other consumers onboard. In order to monitor fuel oil costs and to be able to verify the amount of fuel oil received during a bunkering operation, the EcoMATE™ system also provides an overview of all corresponding flow readings.

Data from the EcoMATE™ system can be automatically sent to a cloud solution, enabling on-shore staff to monitor ship specific fuel usage, generate bunker and voyage reports, etc. It also offers a map for position tracking where Points-of-Interest (POIs) such as oil-rigs and other installations can be added and plotted in relation to vessel(s).

EcoMATE™ complies with the EU regulation 2015/757 on the monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) of carbon dioxide emissions from maritime transport. This way, it also enables shipowners to monitor all vessel types with a single integrated tool that provides automatic calculation and reporting of emission and efficiency data. The monitoring system can be integrated with a wide variety of flowmeters as well as other input devices and interfaces, with existing vessel performance systems or fleet reporting systems on-shore.

Product highlights

EcoMATE™ is based on the following modules:

EcoMATE™ Fuel Consumption

  • For continuous measurement and monitoring of fuel consumption on board ships
  • Provides detailed reports about the fuel consumption of main and auxiliary engines (LNG, MGO, oil mixtures etc.)
  • Utilises high accuracy readings of OPTIMASS Coriolis mass flowmeters
  • Allows benchmarking and comparing the fuel consumption of different ships
  • Fulfills upcoming requirements from IMO or other authorities

EcoMATE™ Bunkering Verification

  • For verification of bunker quantities received through the bunker line
  • Enables data acquisition and logging, calculation and monitoring of bunkering operations
  • Utilises high accuracy mass flow measurement of OPTIMASS bunker meters
  • Generates reports on total fuel oil quantities, incl. fuel oil densities
  • Allows checking of fuel supplier’s delivery information and of the fuel oil costs billed


  • For carbon emission monitoring, calculation and reporting
  • Certified according to EU regulation 2015/757 and MARPOL ANNEX VI
  • Optimised for use with OPTIMASS Coriolis mass flowmeters
  • Provides accurate data to increase efficiency and reduce emissions (e.g. CO2)
  • Allows ship-related reporting to approved notifying body for verification before submitted to the EU

EcoMATE™ Cloud

  • For automated remote data transfer to onshore stations
  • Centralised web reporting tool for vessels running the EcoMATE™ system
  • Safe access to actual measured data from vessels (down to individual fuel consumers)
  • Allows easy download and analysis of fleet reporting and monitoring data

Typical applications

Marine industry

  • Monitoring and reporting of fuel consumption measured for main engine and other consumers onboard
  • Monitoring and reporting of bunker quantities received, measured in bunkering line
  • For all types of vessels
Modules of the EcoMATE fuel consumption and carbon emission monitoring system for ships

Modules of the EcoMATE™ fuel consumption and carbon emission monitoring system for ships

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